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SpacePort Australia® has nominated 3 areas of research interest.


Committed to the education and training in STEM, medical and computer sciences


Aims to construct facilities to aid its research and development aims

Human Factors and Space Health

Human factors and space health are crucial to successful long haul space flight and extra-planetary exploration and colonization.

Mission Statement

SpacePort Australia® Pty Ltd aims to develop technological and biological solutions to aid human exploration of space.

Our Sciences

  • Identified areas of priority research: human factors and space health.
  • Identified areas of priority educational contributions: human factors, space health and STEM.

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SpacePort Australia® Pty Ltd is an independent Australian based research company.   SpacePort Australia® Pty Ltd is committed to the development of integrated educational and  technological opportunities and the development of research facilities focused on human factors and space health research.

SpacePort Australia® Pty Ltd aims to contribute to the development of technological fixes for biological, electronic, technological and issues which may impeded human colonization of space, whilst nurturing other independent researchers and collaborators.

The space industry will be worth an estimated $3 trillion USD in 30 years, Australia’s are experts of rural and remote medicine, health and working in extreme and isolated conditions.

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Career Opportunities

SpacePort Australia® will be offering a number of positions in it’s facilities. These positions will range from applied research, computer maintenance and clinical medicine.  Please monitor this page for openings.