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who we are

SpacePort Australia® Pty Ltd is a private Australian registered company based in Moree, Northern New South Wales, committed to the development of a integrated educational, technological and research facility invested in the space industry.

It is located on the major connecting highways the Newell and the Carnarvon Highways. It is approximately 800 km from Sydney and 700 km from Brisbane. SpacePort Australia®  will focus on research and development to help humans being navigate space, technological development of tools and in the future contributions to microgravity effects on humans. The company aims to contribute to the development of technological fixes for biological, electronic, technological and fuel problems currently experienced by the space industry.

Identified areas of priority research include:

The company aims to take part in high level research, and build appropriate research facilities that not yet available in the southern hemisphere

Research to include

Identified areas of priority educational contributions include:

Educational facilities

STEM school

SpacePort Australia® aims to contribute to space exploration in a unique Australian way, ensuring our relevancy and currency for future generations.

Career Opportunities

SpacePort Australia® will be offering a number of positions in it’s facilities. These positions will range from applied research, computer maintenance and clinical medicine.